Summertime brings some new designs

Added four new card designs to the site today.  They are beautiful, colorful and unique.


Lucy Card

New – Lucy Card back view:  


New Designs this Week!

School is almost out and I have added 7 more cards to the site.  Here are two of them – the Rosie & the Noreen Card.  Enjoy!    


Happy Spring!

Springtime is here!  Time for some new Mommy Cards.   Here are some more cards from the site you may love.  The cards are very well made and have matching backs. Here is one with the back view – see how pretty the back is!  


More New Design Photos

      Here are the Becky & Trina cards that were added to the site this week.   


Another wonderful new design

Here are two more designs coming soon to the – Trying out some new designs so let us know how you like them. The first design is called Paige and the second is Lily.  Now you can always have a stylish business card on hand.  It is two sided full color…

Morgan Mommy Card

Happy October

Here is another new design coming to the website soon!  A beautiful mommy business card to help you share your contact information with other parents or friends.  Love this one! Back View:


New website design coming soon!

I am very excited that after 5 years being in business I am finally getting a new website design for the site.  It should be up and running in the next week or so.  I am also working on a bunch of new card designs that will be up soon…


Summer Camp Cards for Kids

Is your child excited to go to summer camp this summer?  They will have a great time meeting new friends.  An easy way for them to stay connected once they leave camp is to exchange basic contact info.  Our Camp Cards are cute, durable and make it fun to exchange…