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April 2014
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Another wonderful new design


Lily5Here are two more designs coming soon to the – Trying out some new designs so let us know how you like them. The first design is called Paige and the second is Lily.  Now you can always have a stylish business card on hand.  It is two sided full color and water resistant – can stand up to the messiest of purses, cars or kids!

Happy October

morgan5Here is another new design coming to the website soon!  A beautiful mommy business card to help you share your contact information with other parents or friends.  Love this one!

Back View:


New website design coming soon!

I am very excited that after 5 years being in business I am finally getting a new website design for the site.  It should be up and running in the next week or so.  I am also working on a bunch of new card designs that will be up soon as well.  Maybe it is time to update your Mommy Card?  You can add all your social media icons and links to the card - then everyone will be able to find you on twitter, facebook, pinterest, instagram, youtube and more!


Summer Camp Cards for Kids

Is your child excited to go to summer camp this summer?  They will have a great time meeting new friends.  An easy way for them to stay connected once they leave camp is to exchange basic contact info.  Our Camp Cards are cute, durable and make it fun to exchange contact information.  You can have your childs name and email and/or phone on it.  I would probably advice against putting address information on the card for safety reasons.  Any card on the site can be made into a camp card and we also do special requests!

New Ginger Mommy Card now available!

Ginger Mommy Card

Ginger Mommy Card

Happy Mother’s Day!  Here is one of our new designs that is very unique and beautiful.  They make a great gift for that mom in your life or even for yourself.  We can also do this card as a regular business card if you have an at home business.

Daddy Cards are here!

Had a bunch of people inquiring about cards for the dads lately.  If you haven’t heard calling cards are making a come back and now dads can get some that aren’t so girly looking.  I will be adding many more Daddy Cards in the near future but here are some that are available now.  If anyone has any suggestions for new Daddy Card designs please leave a comment or email me to let me know.

Not your average Mommy Card!

can your card do this??

Can your card do this??

I figured I would show you all how water resistant and durable our Mommy Cards are!  I took one of my own cards and placed it in a cup of water for a minute or two.  I then took it our wiped off the water drops and it was not soggy at all!  (of course they are not made of plastic so I would not recommend leaving them in water for a long time) These cards will stand up to the messiest purse, diaper bag, car, desk and even kid!  This is not your average business card.

Pet Cards

I’ve had some good feedback on my Mommy Cards for pet owners recentley.  If anyone has any good ideas on how to get the word out on these cards please let me know.  I am always on the look out for more dogs to use in my pet cards so if anyone has a really cute pet picture and does not mind me using on my site or in advertising my site please email them to me at

Pet Owner Mommy Card

Pet Owner Mommy Card

New Design in the Works..

Here is a new design I am working on.  Many thanks for Sam at for telling me where to get the slide action for photoshop.  If you live in southern Florida and need a photographer be sure to look her up she does great work! Blog

I’ve decided to start a blog to go along with my site  I thought it would be a great place to showcase new designs and get feedback from you guys.  Let me know if you have any suggestions for cards I should design. 

I am currently working on a couple of new designs as well as some free fun products you will be able to print off for your kids. 

I’ll keep you posted!

The Abby Card

The Abby Card